Smile Makeover

Are you ready to improve your smile?

Practicing good oral health goes beyond maintaining your smile with regular 6 month cleanings. Many patients who have dealt with bite problems, illness , injury, and worn teeth have experienced chronic issues and pain that originated in an area of the mouth. Periodontitis, tooth grinding, crooked teeth, and lost teeth can be the root of health related problems like headaches and migraines, toothaches, bad breath, or an unattractive appearance. The team at Boston Dental Design can create solutions that resolve your problems both aesthetically and physically.

How LumiSmile Technology works

LumiSmile gives you the unique opportunity of seeing your teeth transformed into a full, white, straight smile. It allows you to see what your smile is missing before you proceed with a treatment. The dentist will take a digital photo of your current smile and run it through the software for 30 minutes then print out a copy for you to review and take home. Each new patient has the opportunity to receive a FREE digital smile makeover at their first appointment.

It’s time to smile with confidence, call the office to schedule a FREE consultation!