Tooth Bonding

Everyone knows that other people tend to judge them based on first impressions and giving a full and friendly smile when first introduced can be very important, whether at a job interview or a social event. However, having a full cosmetic smile makeover to favorably be compared with the ubiquitous perfect grins of celebrities can be very expensive and take a long time.

But dental bonding is a simple, quick, inexpensive, and generally overlooked way to cover problem areas. It is usually made of a composite resin that can be shaded to match your natural teeth and typically lasts 3-10 years, depending on your brushing and flossing habits. It can also address the health issues that are common when dental hygiene is not adequate.

Among these are:

  • Old Fillings: Many people still have those old fillings that contain mercury or some amalgam of metals that not only may cause harm to health, but don’t flatter a smile that is full of silver. Bonding can replace traditional fillings in areas that once had cavities with tooth-colored resin.
  • Dental Caries: New cavities (aka caries) can be filled with bonding material, especially effective for large areas that need to be protected once the infection is removed.
  • Chipped and cracked teeth: Dental bonding can fill in these areas to return teeth to their look before they were harmed by some kind of accident (though a fractured tooth would need a crown).
  • Discolored Teeth: If over-the-counter whitening products or even our professional whitening service have been unable to give you the shade you want to show the world, you could use dental bonding to cover the discolored areas as an inexpensive alternative to having dental veneers place on the front of these teeth.
  • Misshapen Teeth: Whether teeth look unusual or are too small or too large compared with adjacent teeth, bonding can be used to make them contribute positively to your smile.
  • Gaps Between Teeth: If there are gaps between some teeth, bonding can cover these to give you a smile that looks more attractive.
  • Exposed Roots: If some of your tooth roots have been exposed because your gums have receded, bonding can cover roots that often are darker than the upper part of the teeth that normally show.