Want a FREE Quip Electric Toothbrush?

For a limited time, Boston Dental Design is offering all new patients a FREE Quip electric toothbrush at their first appointment. Electronic toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual brushes and include a timer to ensure you are brushing the recommended two minutes. Our goal is to provide helpful tools and solutions to our patients to maintain an impactful oral health routine. In addition, we also typically recommend that our patients incorporate a stainless steel tongue cleaner into their routine, along with choosing a toothpaste that aligns with their goals.

The Quip electric toothbrush was created by dentists and designers with all the guiding features teeth need. They are compact, sleek, and very practical, offering:

  • Timed sonic vibrations, guiding pulses

  • 3-month battery life & water-resistant

  • Travel cover doubles as mirror mount

  • American Dental Association accepted

We can help you set up an account to sign up for delivery to receive a brush head + battery refill to your door every 3 months. Make an appointment through the portal and mention code: #QUIP to ensure you receive your free toothbrush at your appointment. Feel free to contact the office with any questions!