Dentist Approved Halloween Treats

It’s that time of year where every store is loaded with Halloween treats. Now the question is, which ones are healthier to indulge in, but still taste satisfying? Dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate, so search for items that are at least 70 percent cacao, with sugar making up the remaining 30 percent of the bar. There are a lot of new brands that focus on using natural sweetener alternatives and organic ingredients, see below for a variety brands we like.

Top Halloween snack brands that you should be in your Trick-Or-Treat bowl:

If you are going through your kids trick or treat bags, the best traditional mini candy bars to reach for are Reese’s, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, and Almond Joys! Stay far away from candy corn, taffy, caramel, fruit leather, raisins, and anything sticky that could linger in between your teeth.

You can find all sorts of “healthier” candy options at Whole Foods and on Amazon. Provide the community with thoughtful treat options this year to help make a difference in keeping your neighbors healthy.